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School Networking

Charter schools have many exciting opportunities for cross-regional collaboration with neighboring charter schools, community-based organizations, and other business and educational partners. The pursuit of effective partnerships can strongly enhance the level of service provided to all children, particularly at-risk students.

Ross Hill Academy

Year Founded: 1998

Administration: Nellie Williams

Location: 3111 Elmwood, Detroit, MI  48207

Number of Students: 342

Grades: K-8

Number of Staff

Mission Statement: The mission of the academy is to provide each student with an excelled learning experience that will enable the student to meet and make progress in the challenges of higher education, especially in the areas of math and science; to function cooperatively in a social learning environment; and to successfully contribute their own "individuality" as an assess to society.  This is accomplished through a safe and "family cooperative" environment.


Michigan Department of Education