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Learning Teams

University Preparatory Academy has developed an approach to implement data-based "Individual Learning Team" meetings for teachers, parents and students. Individual Learning Teams can be utilized to support achievement by building a strong connection between students, parents and caregivers, teachers, and other staff. Student data is utilized and evaluated to ensure adequate progress and provide team members with high-quality, specific planning tools.

Project Plan

  • University Preparatory Academy will develop a step-by-step "manual" for powerful "Individual Learning Team" meetings with parents, students and teachers, based on individualized student data
  • University Preparatory will work on-site with database developers in the partner schools during the 2003-04 school year to gather and enter data about each student in the schools' own databases
  • University Preparatory will use its own staff, parents and students to train partner school staff members to use customized student data in preparation for fall 2004 Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Additionally, University Preparatory will use its own anecdotal evidence, as well as that of its partner schools, to introduce the technology for databased parent/teacher/student conferences to schools statewide.
  • University Preparatory (in conjunction with its partner schools) will present the databased "Individual Learning Team" approach to MAPSA's fall conference during 2004
  • The approach will also be documented and/or presented to the Michigan Department of Education High Priorities Schools "Coaches' Institute" and "MI-Map" iniatives for use with High Priority Schools across the state
  • A "starter kit" for parents wanting to advocate for Individual Learning Team meetings in their child's schools will be developed and submitted for publication in national educational journals

University Preparatory Academy proposes the following action steps and timelines, all of which support project goals and objectives.  Many of these action steps have been replicated from University Preparatory Academy's own internal implementation process.

Phase 1
Nov 2003


Phase 2
Dec 2003-May 2004


Phase 3
June-Sept 2004


Phase 4
Year Two

Site-consultations at 3 charter and 3 other public high priority schools to explore working together

Solicit requests for assistance

Verify readiness to partner (coordinator , choice of indicators, etc)

Sign letters of agreement with 3 partner schools


Contract with school site coordinators

Project coordinator and trainers consult while schools

Structure database

Enter existing school data

Design and collect data for desired new indicators

Generate sample reports

Build marketing strategy for using reports to attract parents to Individual Learning Team conversations

Demonstrate concept for MDE "Coaches" Institute?

Develop materials for inclusion in MDE MI-Map


Consult w/ school coordinators to design training

Design and deliver 2-day workshop for school coordinators re: using data for Individual Learning Team meetings

Model and practice generating conversations using ILT reports

Model & practice conversations using ILT reports

Demo how data helps teachers customize instruction based on patterns in classroom data

School Coordinators introduce ILT meetings to teachers

School Coordinators (coached by UPrep project coordinator) generate fall ILT reports from actual data

Present to MAPSA conference


Project coordinator coaches school coordinators through first year of using data to facilitate parent connections

Develop "starter kit" for parents wanting to advocate for Individual Learning Team meetings at their child's school



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