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Classroom Management

How many of us have tried system after system of discipline in an attempt to attain and/or maintain control of the classroom and facilitate an effective learning environment, only to find ourselves frustrated and ironically powerless? Teaching with Love and Logic presents practical ways in which teachers and administrators can help their students become confident, responsible individuals, internalized in their discipline.

Voyageur Academy 


Year Founded:  1998

Administration:  Jaronique Benejamin, Elementary School, Rod Atkins, Highschool (Consortium)

 Locations:     Grades K-6 4321 North Military, Detroit, MI  48210 

                     Grades 7-10 Consortium College Preparatory Highschool, 1250 Rosa Parks Blvd, Detroit, MI 48216     

Number of Students:  572 K-10

Number of Staff

Mission:  The mission of the academy is to provide an educational setting that is founded upon essential human values of respect, discipline, responsibility and community service.  Grades K-6 are located at the North Military facility while grades 7 through 10 are located at Consortium College Preparatory Highschool with students from Hope of Detroit and George Crockett Academy..


Michigan Department of Education