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Classroom Management

How many of us have tried system after system of discipline in an attempt to attain and/or maintain control of the classroom and facilitate an effective learning environment, only to find ourselves frustrated and ironically powerless? Teaching with Love and Logic presents practical ways in which teachers and administrators can help their students become confident, responsible individuals, internalized in their discipline.

Project Partners 

Interested in becoming a Project Partner?

Your school can implement a program that will:

  • Put teachers back in control of their classrooms
  • Raise the level of student responsibility
  • Teach students to think for themselves
  • Help students develop their own sense of self discipline and independent problem solving skills

Conner Creek Academy East has received a Renewal for their Dissemination Grant from the Michigan Department of Education.  Through this grant they will be teaming up with three Charter Schools to share Classroom Management Techniques they have found to be  successful.  The training will consist of a one-day workshop and a one-year program of monthly in-service sessions scheduled with individual schools.  There will be no fees for your school.  Connor Creek Academy East staff will come to the participating schools once a month for a total of ten sessions.

If you school is interested in participating in the future please email MAPSA at and provide your school name, contact person, and number oF staff participating. 


Michigan Department of Education