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Classroom Management

How many of us have tried system after system of discipline in an attempt to attain and/or maintain control of the classroom and facilitate an effective learning environment, only to find ourselves frustrated and ironically powerless? Teaching with Love and Logic presents practical ways in which teachers and administrators can help their students become confident, responsible individuals, internalized in their discipline.

Project Plan


Conner Creek Academy East internal experts determined that the development and implementation of a solid program of classroom management seminars was the most cost-effective manner of disseminating information to schools in need.  By identifying and reaching treachers who struggle with classroom management on a practical, hands-on level, Conner Creek Academy East can maximize its efforts to reach teachers.

1st Quarter Activities


2nd Quarter Activities


3rd Quarter Activities


4th Quarter Activities

Develop program components and prepare training seminar contents

Begin marketing and Communication activities

Conduct three information meetings for schools looking for help in classroom management

Conduct one-day workshop for staff participants

Conduct two on-site training seminars:  "Neutralizing Student Arguing" and "Delayed Consequences"


Promote and conduct the following on-site training seminars:

"Delayed Consequences"


"The Recovery Process"

"Developing Positive Teacher/Student Relationships"

Conduct a one-day statewide conference



Promote and conduct the following on-site training seminars:

"Developing Positive Teacher/Student Relationships"

"Setting Limits with Enforceable Statements"

"Using Choices to Prevent Power Struggles"



Promote and conduct the following on-site training seminars:

"Quick and Easy Preventative Interventions"

"Guiding Students to Own and Solve Their Own Problems"

"Developing a Parent Program"




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