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Arts Integration

Michigan schools considering a fully integrated and aligned fine arts curriculum now have a new resource at their disposal. School leaders at Concord Academy Petoskey are assisting other Michigan charter schools in the alignment and mapping of fully integrated fine arts curricula, development of a high-quality, comprehensive Internet resource, and implementation of professional development programs for new and aspiring teachers.

Woodland Park Academy


Parents overwhelmingly endorse Woodland Park's philosophy.  Students of diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds come to the school from nearly 20 districts in 5 counties, some traveling for an hour to reach the school.

Year Founded:  1995

Administration:  Larry Cameron, Administrator, Dr. Carl Byerly, Fine Arts Director and Public Realtions

Location:  Grades K-8 9127 S. Saginaw St, Grand Blanc

Number of Students:  330

Number of Staff:  23

Woodland opened as a private school in 1980.  Today Woodland Park Academy is an independent co-educatiional public school academy devoted to personalizing the process of education with a perspective towards making learning a lifetime pursuit. Woodland Park Academy encourages individual freedom while emphasizing the individual's responsibility to society.  Students have the opportunity to explore the full potential of their talents through independent thinking and decision making.

Woodland has strong relationships with a number of community enterprises.  Professors from Flint's Kettering University visit classrooms for projects such as physics experiments and conducts an engineering camp.  Deneb Robotics conducted a summer robotics camp.  Students are enrolled at Mott Community College, Kettering University and University of Michigan-Flint.

Fine arts is just as important as math and science at Woodland Park Academy.  Teachers integrate all aspects of the curriculum through simulation and experimentation. Portions of the curriculum may be presented by students through a short act of drama, singing, or playing the tune of a song, learning the dance of a foreign land or through strokes of a paintbrush.

Fine arts assemblies are held monthly for all students. Groups that perform include the general music choirs, private lesson students and instrumental performance groups as well as school exchange programs in the community and surrounding areas. Woodland Park performance groups have also performed in community holiday festivities, SpringFest Arts Festival, Grand Blanc Arts Council activities, Michigan Charter Schools Conference in Ypsilanti. Guest groups that have performed at WPA include the Pennsylvania Boys Choir, University of Michigan - Flint Music Department, Troubadours of the Flint Symphony Orchestra, Flint Institute of Music and other musical venues.

Woodland Park is the founder and coordinator of the Michigan Charter School Fine Arts Camp. The camp is offered in the summer to 5th - 8th grade students at a state university for a minimal fee. Students have also been awarded scholarships for the Blue Lakes Fine Arts Camp of Muskegon.

The school was the first in the area to offer a day-long kindergarten.  Seventeen area schools soon followed suit making Woodland Park a leader in changing the educational paradigm in the community.


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