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Arts Integration

Michigan schools considering a fully integrated and aligned fine arts curriculum now have a new resource at their disposal. School leaders at Concord Academy Petoskey are assisting other Michigan charter schools in the alignment and mapping of fully integrated fine arts curricula, development of a high-quality, comprehensive Internet resource, and implementation of professional development programs for new and aspiring teachers.

Integrated Unit Study

Topic:  Dolphins

Grade Range:  Advanced 2nd-5th


____ Research and study as many types of dolphins as you can find.

____ List names and similarities and differences.

____ Draw world map and label locations of various dolphin species.

____ What kind of animal is a dolphin?  List 5 qualities that prove this.

____ Sculpt model of a dolphin with clay or paper mache.

____ About how much does a dolphin weigh?  What is the difference between a dolphin's weight and your weight?

____ Write to organizations dedicated to research and helping dolphins, such as the Cousteau Society.  (They have a magazine called Dolphin Log.)

____ Listen to dolphin sounds.  Write down what you hear as musical notes.

____ Write poems about dolphins after your study and observation.

____ Watch a video of dolphins swimming and then choreograph your own dance based on how they move.


Michigan Department of Education