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Arts Integration

Michigan schools considering a fully integrated and aligned fine arts curriculum now have a new resource at their disposal. School leaders at Concord Academy Petoskey are assisting other Michigan charter schools in the alignment and mapping of fully integrated fine arts curricula, development of a high-quality, comprehensive Internet resource, and implementation of professional development programs for new and aspiring teachers.

Ideas and Strategies

Educators agree that to be fully effective school curricula must be aligned with state content standards and bench marks.  This cumbersome project moves more smoothly with the assistance of school leaders that "know the ropes", so to speak, since they can often help schools anticipate pitfalls and efficiently handle common hurdles.  Mapping takes the school's curriculum one very large step further by ensuring that daily classroom activities are consistent with and complementary to all curricular components.  In other words, mapping prevents key curricular components from being lost or forgotten.

By instructing current and aspiring teachers during group training activities, Concord will help promote and teach best practices with respect to fine arts instruction.  Teachers will have an independent opportunity to further their own professional development and network with one another by utilizing the new Concord/MAPSA fine arts Website.  In addition, parents who are interested in pursuing at-home activities related to the fine arts with their children also can learn about the most effective ways of doing so.  This will be most beneficial to families that educate their children at home.

Finally, experts agree that parental involvement is key to ensuring student success.  This program will help build high levels of parent and community involvement by enmphasizing participation in fine arts activities and promoting strategic partnerships with community arts organizations.


Michigan Department of Education