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From the Blog: Summer Moves - How to Help Kids Get Oriented in Their New School

Being a kid can be tough, especially when you're the "new kid" on campus. Summer is a popular season for moving, with nearly 60% of moves across the US occurring between the months of May and September. Some parents see this as the easiest time to transition their kids through a new environment. What many don't realize, however, is that new students who are beginning in September (or August, depending on the curriculum) may feel lost in the crowd. While those returning are busy reconnecting with old friends, new students can feel left out. For this reason, the beginning of the year is the time when you, the teachers and counselors, should put your thinking caps on and work a little extra to integrate new students into the academic and social programs. Thanks to our sponsor, Cheap Movers San Diego, we've come up with some ideas to help you get started:

Create a Transitions Team

Flourishing in an environment completely different than what you're used to can be hard for anyone. Many times, families move to completely different states and even to opposite sides of the country. The challenge can be a shift of mentality or way of life. A city kid now living in a rural town may feel bored and unchallenged. On the other end, it can be scary for someone from the country to adjust in a new, lively city.

Building a transitions team of counselors, teachers, and student leaders can, therefore, help new students carve paths and anchor themselves in a healthy way. The way this team works will vary depending on the needs of your institution, but it can be as simple as scheduling regular meetings to catch up with new students, suggesting involvement opportunities and introducing them to student leaders that can help them plug in. This team can also extend a little further and organize events throughout the community, in addition to the school itself. Get more ideas on transition teams here.

Maintain Your School's Website

New is scary, so make your school familiar by maintaining the website. This can include a virtual tour, a list of clubs and teams, and the general guidelines and rules. Here are some great ideas to get you started on creating or improving your school website.

Host an Open House for New Students and Their Parents

Schedule a way for students to meet you, other staff and to see the school in person. An open house also creates a way to involve parents. Afterward, invite students and parents to a picnic or barbecue on the grounds. Encourage older students, especially team captains and student council representatives, to join and meet their new peers.

Keep Tabs

Check in periodically with the new kids over the course of the school year. Be sure to watch for any warning signs that may indicate they aren't adjusting well, such as a closed-off demeanor, behavior issues, or poor grades. Discuss any issues you may observe with both the student and his or her parents to see if there is an adjustment that should be made.


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